Super Monkey Storm 50MM

Rank 1: Super Monkey Storm

Shreds 550 layers on every bloon on the screen, up to 32,000 RBE

Rank 2: Laser Monkey Storm (35XP)

1000 layers, up to 90,000 RBE

Rank 3: Plasma Monkey Storm (140XP)

2500 layers, up to 200,000 RBE

Rank 4: Sun God Storm (320XP)

5000 layers, up to 1,000,000 RBE

Bloonsday Device 900MM

A laser that follows your mouse pointer, popping a single bloon 10 times a second. Has an abiliity, during its duration it OHKOs ceramics and damages anything bigger at a rate of 220 points/ second. This lasts for 4 seconds and has an absurdly long recharge.

Rank 2: Bloonsday Device II (15XP) Pops bloons 15 times a second, ability deals 300 dmg/ sec

Rank 3: Bloonsday Device III (50 XP) Pops bloons 24 times a second, ability deals 440 dmg/ sec

Rank 4: The End (100XP) Pops bloons 32 times a second, ability dishes out a whopping 600 dmg/ sec!

Vulcan Gorrilla 550MM

Fires plasma blasts at speed 8, can pop 4 bloons each

Rank 2: Vulcan Gorrilla II (20XP)

Fires at speed 10, can pop 5 bloons each

Rank 3: Dark Gorrilla (55XP)

Switches from plasma blasts to dark blasts. Spd 7, but can pop 2 layers of bloons.

Rank 4: Epic Gorrilla (110XP)

Spd 9, can pop 3 layers of bloons. Beams of epicness can pop anything.

Meerkat Spy 60MM

Range 1.05

Grants camo targetting to all towers in range

Rank 2: Lazor Meerkat (30XP)

Now attacks by firing huge laser blasts which can pop 4 bloons each at speed 7

Rank 3: Super Lazor Meerkat (70XP)

Can pop 6 bloons each, range 1.15

Rank 5: Ultimate Meerkat (120XP)

Range 1.45, can pop 9 bloons each

Beekeeper 120MM

fires angry bees at blooons, bees can follow bloons out of the bears radious to pop bloons. does extra damage to regen bloons.

Rank 2: angy beekeeper (60 XP)

bees are now twice as strong

Rank 3: Beeswarmer (75 XP)

bee swarm ability: sends a giant swarm of bees in all directions

Rank 4: super Bee swarm (100 XP)

now shoots out twice as many Bees in its ability

Rank 5: hornetkeeper: (120 XP)

hornets are faster, stronger and overal kick bloon!