Banana Farm $1000

Generates $10 8 times a round.

Appearance: A farm with a house in one corner and a few trees in the opposite corner.

Path 1Edit

More Bananas $450Edit

$12 10 times a round

AC: more trees

Banana Plantation $1600Edit

$15 16 times a round AC: Even more trees

Banana Republic $2500Edit

$25 24 times a round

AC: Farm turns into a warehouse store.

Banana Research Facility $10000Edit

$70 30 times a round

AC: store turns into a factory.

Advanced Banana Research Labs $70000Edit

$200 50 times a round

AC: Factory becomes taller and more high tech- looking.

Path 2Edit

Increased Value $300Edit

Yields 1.2x normal amount of cash

Valuable Bananas $800Edit

Yields 1.5x normal amount of cash

Monkey Bank $3500Edit

Yields twice the normal amount of cash, all cash generated is stored until needed at 8% interest, up to $5000 total stored.

AC: Farm becomes a small bank.

Banana Investments Advisory $6000Edit

Same as above, except:

-4x normal (x-0-x) cash

-15% interest

-$20000 max storage

AC: becomes a bank headquarters building

Banana World Banking Association $20000Edit

-8x normal (x-0-x) cash

-30% interest

-$100000 max storage

-AC: Becomes a huge international bank headquarters.

Path 3Edit

Monkey Shopkeeper $450Edit

At the end of the round, yields an additional $2 a tower.

AC: A monkey with a small shop appears in the corner of the farm

More Sales $900Edit

$5 a tower

AC: Shop is bigger

Monkey Enterpreneur $5500Edit

$25 a tower

Advanced Breakthrough $5500Edit

$30 a tower

adds a laser which fires a speed 6 and can melt through 4 layers, with pp 1.

Monkey Tycoon $16000Edit

$90 a tower

Ultima: World Federation of Banana Vendors $200000Edit

Yields $580 82 times a round