Bomb Monkey 600/700/760

  • Unupgraded Bomb Monkey
  • Bomb Monkey with the Rocket Launcher upgrade
  • A bomb monkey with penetrator bombs, but not yet Rocket Launcher

Speed x0.8 Rangex1.3 Splash x1 Layer 1

A monkey that throws bombs which go off in fiery explosions on impact. Explosions can pop 8 bloons each.

===‍Path 1=== ===‍Path 2=== ===‍Path 3===
Bigger Bombs 200/240/260

20% greater splash. Explosions can pop 11 bloons each.

Longer Range 150/180/200

25% longer range

Increased speed 140/160/170

15% faster

Frag Bombs 430/500/540

Each bomb shoots off 6 sharp frags which can pop 2 bloons each

Rocket Launcher 430/500/540

10% longer range 10% greater splash 5% faster

Explosions can pop 10 bloons each. (13 with BB)

Further Increased Speed 200/240/260

12% faster

Secondary Bombs 770/900/970

Instead of frags, bombs shoot off smaller bombs with a splash of x0.8. These can pop 7 bloons eac.

RPG 850/1000/1100

20% greater range, rockets now home in on bloons. Explosions can pop 11 bloons ea. (14 with BB)

Triple Shot 2400/2800/3000

Throws 3 bombs at once.

Penetrator Bombs 2100/2500/2700

Layer +1

Main bomb can pop 13 bloons. (15 with RL)

MOAB Mauler 1300/1500/1600

10% greater splash. Deals boosted damage to many high level bloons. Explosions can pop 17 bloons ea (18 with BB)

Super Speed 4100/4800/5200

2x faster

Super Bombs 4700/5500/6000

Layer +2

Main bomb can pop 18 bloons. (23 with RL)

MOAB Assasin 4700/5500/6000

Deals 4x the previous damage to all bloons affected by the previous upgrade. 30% greater splash. Explosions can pop 15 bloons each (20 with bb)

Bomb Barrage 5500/6500/7000

Throws 5 bombs at once. 30% faster.

Ultima: Super Assasin Barrage 34000/40000/43000Edit

Power of Super Bombs, range, homing shots, and secondary bombs, and blimp-destroying missiles of Assassin, and speed and 5-shot of Bomb Barrage. Bombs can pop 18 bloons each. (Like literally a 5/5/5, if that were possible.) Effectively shoots small warheads.