• a unupgraded boomarang thrower
Boomerang Thrower $500

Speed x1.1Range x1.3 Popping power 3 Layer 1 Throws boomerangs that arc back to the tower.

‍Path 1Edit

‍More Targets $400Edit

‍Popping power +4

‍Even More Targets $550Edit

Popping power +5

‍Glaive Thrower $1200Edit

Popping power +8

‍Sharper Glaives $3600Edit

Popping power +1 Layer +1

‍Glaive Lord $9000Edit

Can target camos, popping power +37, range +5%


‍Sonic Boom $240Edit

Popping power +1 Can pop Frozen

‍Thermite $300Edit

Popping power +1 Can pop Leads

‍Beam Sword Thrower $3200Edit

10% faster Layer +1 Popping power +6

Super Speedy $5000Edit

2x faster Popping power +3

Master of the Beam-a-Rang $16000Edit

Speed +30% Range +20% Sabers seek out bloons and have popping power +29 Can target Camos.

Shock Burst ability:Edit

shoots a single burst of lightning that keeps going until it reaches the edge popping 5 layers on everything it touches. 32 second recharge.

‍Path 3Edit

‍Longer Range $200Edit

20% longer range

‍Faster Throwing $450Edit

30% faster

‍Bionic Boomer $2000Edit

‍2x faster, popping power +1Edit

‍Dual 'Rangs $4200Edit

Throws 2 at once.

‍Turbo Charge $5000Edit

80% faster

‍Turbo Charge ability:Edit

Speed doubled for 10 seconds. 42 second recharge..

Ultima: Bionic Lord of the Beam-a-Rang 60000/70000/76000Edit

A MotBaR that dual wields, can use the ability two times at once, has twice the range, and fires twice as fast. Plus has both abilities.