Bounty Hunter Monkey $3060/$3600/$3900

Spd 1.8 fires acid-tipped seeker darts that can pop 4 bloons. Acid eats through 1 layer per second for 3 seconds. Range 1.2

Appearance: An armored monkey wearing a dart shooter on its wrist

Path 1Edit

Big Bloon Bounty $320/$550/$720Edit

Every time it cracks open a blimp you get $20

Special Equipment $1130/$1500/$1700Edit

Can target Camos, fires 10% faster, darts break through 2 layers before applying acid instead of 1.

Dart Rifle $2060/$2600/$2900Edit

Darts break through 3 layers before applying acid, range +30%.

Deadly Precission $3660/$4200/$4640Edit

Darts break through 7 layers before appling acid.

Bloon Assassin $7800/$10000/$12200 Edit

Darts break through 12 layers before applying acid and can pop 2 extra bloons each, 30% longer range, 2x damage to blimps

Every time it cracks open a blimp you get $55

Path 2Edit

Sharper Darts $810/$900/$1000Edit

Darts can pop 4 bloons

Strong Acid $3020/$3200/$3400Edit

Acis burns through bloons 2x as fast.

Super Sharp Darts $5530/$6500/$7020Edit

Darts can pop 10 bloons

Double Dart Blaster $10200/$12000/$13000Edit

Fires 2 darts at once.

Remote Mines $10500/$15000/$16000Edit

To any blimp it hits will be stuck a remotely detonated MOAB Mauler (Max 1 per blimp) . Activate its ability to set them all off at once. 40 second recharge.

Path 3Edit

Faster Firing $850/$1000/$1080Edit

20% faster

Pineapple Mines $1700/$2000/$2160Edit

Also places at speed 1.5 exploding pineapples like those dropped by aces, except they don't explode until a bloon runs over them.

Nuclear Pineapples $3400/$4000/$4300Edit

Pineapples break through 3 layers

Flaming Darts $6800/$8000/$8600Edit

Flaming darts can pop 7 bloons (9 with SD). Acid effect is replaced with an equivelant Napalm effect. Plus, it fires them 2x as fast.

Pyromaniac $20800/$28000/$30000Edit

Darts and pineapples 3x faster

Ultima: Elite Bounty Hunter $46750/$55000/$59400Edit

Breaks through 6 layers before applying acid! Remote mines become MOAB Assasins! Minimum delay between detonations is decreased from 40 to 23 seconds! Also produces x/x/3's pineapple mines! Generates $90 every time it cracks a blimp!