Archer Monkey $2040/$2400/$2590

Speed 1 Popping Power 18 Range 2.8

Path 1

Faster Arching Arches arrows faster

Even Faster Arching Arches even faster

Bloontonium Arrows Can do damage to ceramic bloons and pop frozen and lead bloons

Harpoon Monkey Harpoons can pop 36 bloons and shred 2 layers. Stupidly awesome.

Harpoon Master Arches 3 harpoons. Has a hypersonic attack.

Path 2

fire power

he now shoots fire on the arrow

Bulls Eye Archers can see camo

Super Eyes Archers can now see 20% further

Archer Disciple Archers' arrows split into 20 on their last pop

Archer Master Archers' arrows split into 200 on their last pop Archer's Fire Ability Aims a giant fire sword at the strongest non-blimp. Can shock bloons for the rest of their life. Pops all non-blimps. Do 27 damage to MOABs. Recharge time 100 seconds

Path 3

Pistol Monkey Pistols can pop 41 bloons at once. Split into 3 guided pistols on their last pop. Can pop frozen and ceramic bloons right off the bat.

Double Pistols Split into 6 pistols instead of 3.

Triple Pistols Split into 18 pistols instead of 6.

Quadruple Pistols Split into 72 pistols instead of 18. five pistols split into 360 instead of 72 Pistol Storm Ability For 10 seconds, pistols split into 2150 instead of 360. Also has an non-activation need to pop 6+ bloons. Recharge 108 seconds

ULTIMATE UPGRADE (ARCHER MONKEY): An alongside ability that adds a bomb destroying 160 random bloons on screen. Also a 5-0-5 Archer Monkey. ($60000/$61200/$61860) Quang Bui