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In 2013, early summer you hear you friends talk about an epic new aired game called BTD6. You type it in to your computer, leading you to ninja kiwi. It's loading, and ends. You see monkey villages, and farms, then bloons start crowding. After a sun god comes from behind (you can't see), then he blasts them away! After you see a play sighn saying BTD6, and you click play. After, it says 'you look like a new monkey! Wanna see a tutor to see how to play? You click yes, so it says to click play, then to click new came, after it says pick the track:monkey village. It loads, then you see epic grafics and smooth parts. It tells you to click and drag a dart monkey to the destination, then says press PLAY. red bloons come, and your dart monkey pwns them. it says LEVEL 2 REACHED, then it says you unlocked tack shooter. The screen says to put the tack shoots in a certain place, then press play. The bloons come at you, but you finish them off. After the screens says, You Unlocked Dart Monkey, Sharper dart. After, it says: basic monkeys aren't enough, you need some upgrades. It tells you to click on the dart monkkey, then press 'sharper darts'. Then you click play, but a message comes up telling that new, faster, blue bloons are comming and when they get poped, 1 red bloon comes. You click play, and you barley make it. It says your level 3 now and unlocked sniper! it tells you to drag it, and says target prioitys are important! It says make it strong priority. Then it says, Maybe the tack shooter is unneedes, so it tells you to sell it. Then it says Congrats for finishing the tutor! then you press play and edeventullt beat the track!


Red bloon

blue bloons

green bloon

yellow bloon

pink bloon

black bloon

white bloon

orange bloon (cannot be glued)

zebra bloon

dark orange bloon (has 1 black, 1 orange, same atributes as them)

light orange bloon (has 1 white, 1 orange, same attributes as them)

coulorful bloon (has 1 white, black, and orange. same attributes as them)

rainbow bloon (has 1 zebra, light orange, and dark orange)

epic bloon (has 2 coulorful, 5 hits)

cermic bloon

lead bloon

steel bloon (has 2 lead, unaffected by ice)

crystal bloon (has 2 steel, unaffected by glue and ice)

dimond bloon (has 2 crystal, 30 hits, unaffected by glue, ice bombs.) BIG

unflawed dimond (has 10 dimonds, 20000 hits, concidered as a MOAB class) GIANT




U.P.O.A (ultra pwnzer of air) has 

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