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  • a unupgraded dart monkey
  • a 4/x/x golden darts dart monkey
  • a 2/x/x enhanced vision dart monkey
  • a spike o pult
Dart Monkey $170/$200/$220

Speed 1 Popping Power 1 Range 1 Layers: 1

‍Path 1Edit

‍Longer Range $85/$100/$110Edit

Increase Range to 1.3

‍Enhanced Vision $155/$180/$195Edit

Increase Range to 1.6,Can target camo

‍Spike-O-Pult $1870/$2200/$2375Edit

Increase Range to 1.85,Increase Popping Power to 10,Decrease Speed to 0.85

‍Juggernaut $4250/$5000/$5400Edit

Increase Range to 2.05,Increase Popping Power to 50,Decrease Speed to 0.75

‍Triple Juggernaut $13600/$16000/$17280Edit

Here, try this. A single blast is enough to blow that red bloon phalanx off the face of the earth! Fires 3 at once.

‍Path 2Edit

Piercing Darts $130/$150/$180Edit

Increase Popping Power to 2

‍Razor Darts $425/$500/$540Edit

Increase Popping Power to 4

‍Gold Darts $1530/$1800/$1945Edit

Increase Popping Power to 10,Can pop Frozen

‍Platinum Darts $2975/$3500/$3780Edit

Increase Layers to 2,Increase Popping Power to 20,

Can pop Lead

‍Triple Darts $6800/$8000/$8640Edit

Ooh, shiny darts... YEEOW!! Throws 3 darts at once!

‍Path 3Edit

‍Faster Firing $90/$120/$150Edit

Increase Speed to 1.3

Even Faster Firing $340/$400$430Edit

Increase Speed to 1.7

Half-Super monkey $1530/$1800/$1945Edit

Increase Speed to 2

H‍alf-Laser Monkey $3060/$3600/$3890Edit

Increase Speed to 2.3, can pop frozen bloons

Half-Plasma Monkey $5100/$6000/$6480Edit

Plasmic darts? Hmm, I'll have to look into that...Increase Speed to 2.7 , can melt Lead, Increase Popping Power to 5

Ultima: Plasma Juggernaut $25500/$30000/$32400Edit

Huh? There wasn't 'a plasma-made trench before.Shoots 3 Juggernauts and 2 Balls of Plasma,Plasma can shred through 2 layers and Juggernauts do 10 Damage to Ceramics,Both Projectiles shoot at speed 2.7

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