Dartling Gun

a tower you can control by moving the mouse around and shootwith a machine gun.

Path 1

Focus Firing


Speed Barrel Twist

speed 30% increase

Laser Canon

shootslaser instead of darts

Ray O'Doom

a destroying ray by whatever it touches

Ray O'Sun

a thing that yin gives ultrapowerfulness to destroy everything on the screen by a single touch of the ray ability rcharges 85 sec

Path 2

Power Darts

power pop +5

Harden Dart

pops lead and frozen bloons

Hydra Rockets

shoots rockets instead of darts


b-bloontonium a-ariel d-destructive s-system

Bloontonium's Hydrgen Bomb

a bomb made by hydrogen explodes everywhere on screen ability rechages 85 sec

Path 3


shoots three at once

Help w/ninjas

gets shurikens to shoot at bloons instead

Fire Fury

have fire on shurikens geting shot

I Heart Blue

blue fire for power pop +4

Zeus's Cra-z Attack

lightning on blade and lightning to store for energy for crazy speed of 90000 mph givig total maham onthe bloons ability recharges 120 sec

Ultima: Friends O'Fury: many 5/3/3, 3/5/3, and a 3/3/5 team up all around the track sideby side leaving no open gaps where bloons can't be pop shooting everywhere crazily having fun. Quang Bui