I am sorry that it says monley at the top it is just a typo really

Appearence: Green Lantern but like a monkey and looks different through different upgrades shootdarts out of ring

Path 1


sees camo

Speed Shooter


Laser Shooter

shoots laser instead pops frozen

Plasma Shooter

shoots plasma pops lead

Rays O'Sun

Sun God rays evaporate everything touched by it

Strikes O'Zeus

shoots Zeus lightning out of the ring instead

Path 2

Longer Range


Married Twice

2 rings are better than 1CamoGoggles

10 Ring O'Fury

10 rings gives 10 darts at the speed o'1 giving damage 10x faster


a wristband still shoots 10 at a time because it's bigger but shoots faster

Barrel Spinning

w/barrel spinning it aims better and more controllable

Path 3


looks like a spy and has poison in the darts


hooks do 4x damage faster and 5x stronger giving 20x more damage in the speed of 1

Loose Wiring

loose wires go 40% faster


2 hooks are better than 1


with 2 hooks in the back 3 in the front and 2 on it's arms 7 hooks on the car swing crazily as the car drives everywhere on the screen ability recharge 85 sec

Ultima: Zeus Attack in a SpiCar. in the spicar on the hooks Zeus's bolts are ready to attack the cra-z bloons Quang Bui