pro bender monkey

Pro Bender MonkeyEdit

Appearance: Looks like a monkey in a red jumpsuitand each attack with a certain element it starts just throwing things normally and not bending just as throwing earth stones like frisbees, use flamethrowers instead of bending their own and squirting with a water gun instead of bending water.

Path 1

Beginning Fire

starts to bend wth fire to destroy the bloons

Bigger Fire


Fire Flare

brightness to immobilze bloons for 5-7 sec

Blue Fire

blue fire give power pop +2

1 Element Roku

a master of fire could shoot lightning everywhere like crazy in his avatar state ability recharge 1 min

Path 2

Beginning Water

starts throwing blobs of water to slip off a layer

Bigger Blobs


Ice Stones

shoots ice for extra impact to immobilize bloons for 5-7 sec

Ice Shards

sharp ice pierce their way through the bloon 5 layers

1 Element Korra

a master water can make sharp ice rain from the skies like crazyin the avatar state ability recharge 1 min

Path 3

Beginning Earth

starts throwing stones earthbending style

Bigger Blocks



throw 3 stones at once to immobilize bloons 5-7 sec

Sharp Stones

sharp stones pierce their way through the bloon 5 layers

1 Element Kyoshi

a master earth can make sharp rocks come out of the ground and make erosions to cover the track so other monkeys ca kill too.

Ultima: Illegal Korra: the pro bender can bend any element all at once making erosions sharp hail ang lightning bolts fly everywhere! Quang Bui