Dragon A dragon colours black and white only placed on land and fights with claws

Path 1

Air Movement

can be put anywhere water and land

Air winder

pulls bloons back to get attacked

Air Master

canpick up anything to pull back

Air slice

use air to slice

Fire dragon

use fire to put all bloons on fire to burn them

Inferno Fire

use strong fire to turn bloon into acid to kill others ability recharge 1 min

Path 2

Water Dragon

shoot water hard at bloons

Ice Shards

shoots ice instead

Rock Thrower

throws rocks at bloons

Cave Dragon

gives the dark energy to pop bloons

Ultimate Yang

give ultimate amount of dark energy to bloons ability recharge every 2 min

Path 3

Sharper Claws

5% sharper

Fast attack

'attacks 40% fast'an

Longer Claws

has 20% more radius

Triple Head

more brains 4 more accuracy

Ultra Yin

Lets everything be good 90% faster 90% more radius 90% smarter sees camo 90% more destruction ability 5 min to recharge

Ultima Dragon of Ying and Yang

'An unbeatable dra'gon with a 0/5/5 attack infinitly has both abilities Thomas

Quang Bui{{