the flame monkey is burning monkey he uses flame balls to burn the bloon. pop power 1

path 1 Edit

flame breath

  • he trained himself every day until he has been breathing flame.

blue flame

  • he now use blue flame

lava power

  • he now uses lava

camo glasses

  • he now can attack camo

the master of lava

  • he now get three of his students to attack with him

path 2 Edit

flame machine

  • he now get a flame machine for more speed

double machine

  • he get another flame machine for double the speed

super monkey speed

  • now the two machines is at fast as a super monkey

camo goggles

  • can attack camo with high power

flame rain

  • the clouds become crazy it now rain flame ability recharge 90 sec

path 3 Edit

dark power

  • pop power+6 the flame can pop 5 layers

bombs power

  • he now uses bomb the explosive can attack 50 and can pop black bloons

pure power

  • can stop the bloons for 5-7 seconds

camo radar

  • he only now can see camo and attack them

the flame ninja

  • increased range %30 increased speed%40

ultimate upgrade: Edit

  • the rain of ninjas lava

the cloud are now so crazy it is raining lava and bomb ninjas the ability recharge 90 seconds