• a unupgraded glue gunner
  • a glue gunner with bloontonium glue
Glue Gunner 340/400/430

Slows down bloons by 50% for 4 seconds. Sticks to ceramics, but doesn't slow them down. Cannot stick to MOABs, BFBs, ELKs, ZOMGs, LEADs, Super Bloons, or the TIM without certain upgrades. Only glues 1 bloon at a time (55 with Viral Glue).

Rng 1.4 Speed 0.9

Path 1Edit

Glue Soak 100/130/150Edit

Soaks through all layers

Corrosive Glue 430/500/540Edit

Eats through 1 layer per 1.5 seconds

Bloon Dissolver 2600/3000/3250 Edit

Eats through 1 layer per 0.5 seconds

Bloon Liquifier 8500/10000/11000Edit

Eats through 1 layer per 0.125 seconds

Bloontonium Glue 33000/39000/42000 Edit

Eats through 1 layer per 0.055 seconds

Can stick to MOABs, BFBs, and the like, but won't slow them down, but it WILL eat through them.

Glues up to 3 bloons (7 with Glue Splatter) w/in splash 0.35 (0.5 with Glue Splatter)

Path 2Edit

Stickier Glue 90/100/110Edit

Sticks for 5 seconds

Glue Splatter 1300/1500/1600Edit

Glues up to 3 bloons w/in splash 0.4 (60 with Viral Glue).

Boosted Splatter 2600/3000/3250Edit

Glues up to 6 bloons w/in splash 0.6

Super Glue 2600/3000/3250Edit

Sticks for 8 seconds

Gorrilla Glue 17000/20000/22000Edit

Sticks for 10 seconds

Can stick to MOABs, BFBs, and ELKs, but won't slow them down.

Glues up to 24 bloons w/in splash 0.85

Path 3Edit

Boosted Slowdown 170/200/220Edit

Slows bloons down 65%

Faster Firing 680/800/860Edit

30% faster

Dual Wield 2700/32003500Edit

2 independently aiming glue guns!

Glue Hose 10000/12000/13000Edit

3x faster!

Glue Striker 13500/16000/17000Edit

50% faster

Glue Strike ability:Edit

Simulaneouslty glues up to 101 bloons. 59 second recharge.

Ultima: Fusion Glue 55000/70000/88000Edit

Bloontonium glue, but:

-Sticks for 17 seconds (instead of 4-5)

-Eats 1 layer per 0.03 seconds

-Glues up to 9 bloons w/in splash 0.7 (70 with Viral Glue)

-Has Striker's ability and speed...but with this new bloontonium glue.

-Dual Wields.