Ice Monkey $380/$420/$490

Freezes all bloons in its range, up to 14, for 2 seconds. Range 0.9 Speed 0.8

Appearance: A blue-white monkey surrounded with ice

Path 1Edit

Enhanced Freeze $110/$150/$180Edit

Freezes up to 16 bloons for 1.4 seconds, range 1.1 speed 0.9

Deep Freeze $340/$400/$430Edit

Freezes through 2 layers.

Super Long Freeze $1010/$1100/$1200Edit

Freezes through 4 layers for up to 20 seconds.

Range 1.2 freezes up to 19 bloons

Arctic WInd $7650/$9000/$9720Edit

Nearby bloons move one-third there usual speed.

Range 1.4 freezes up to 22 bloons.

Nevamelt $8500/$10000/$10800Edit

All bloons it freezes will be frozen indefinitely through all layers.

Freezes up to 33 bloons (34 with PF, 42 with VPF), range 1.6

Path 2Edit

Snap Freeze $510/$600/$650Edit

Pops bloons once before freezing

Double Snap Freeze $660/$720/$850Edit

Pops bloons twice before freezing

Destructive Freezing $2130/$2500/$2700 Edit

30% longer range, 35% more max hits, 5% faster, pops bloons 4x before freezing

Ice Elemental $4680/$5500/$5940Edit

Pops bloons 8x before freezing, when popped frozen bloons shoot off ice storms which pop up to 4 extra bloons each

AC: Looks like BTD5's X/3

Elder ice elemental $20200/$22000/$24000Edit

Also shoots a powerful ice laser that freezes up to 60 bloons at a time with the 2/2/1's ice at speed 6. Can now target/hit camo bloons. Ice beam has a seperate range of 2.1

AC: Now wears blue-white goggles

Path 3Edit

Permafrost $180/$220/$250Edit

Once bloons thaw out, they move 10% slower

Viral Permafrost $1130/$1500/$1700Edit

Permafrost spreads from bloon to bloon, slowing up to 30 extra bloons.

Corrosive Permafrost $2040/$2400/$2600Edit

All permafrosted bloons will pop once per 2 seconds.

Heavy Permafrost $2840/$3200/$3400Edit

Permafrost slows down by 20% instead of 10%

Omnifrost $6800/$8000/$8600Edit

Omnifrost ability:Edit

Freezes every freezable bloon on the map, up to 600. 55 second recharge.

ULTIMA: Primal ice emperor of Antarctica $40200/$42000/$44000Edit

Tired of your old-fahioned 2-layer beam? How about giving it a souped up viral permafrost (slowing up to 80 additional bloons per shot) and allowing it to shatter twice the layers? And allowing it to deal 2 damage to blimps instead of having no effect on them? And giving it a range of 3 for the laser and 2.2 for the main freeze attack? Plus allowing the beam to hit 110 bloons instead of 60? Now we're talking.