Kinetimissile Specialist $3600

Appearance: A monkey with a modified missile launcher.

Fires kinetic missiles (basically massive, rocket-proppeled, metal darts) which can pop 5 bloons and shred through 7 layers. They can tear right through lead bloons. Spd .41 Rng 2.2 (Rest of upgrades coming soon)

Path 1Edit

Advanced Kinetics $1800Edit

Can pop 8 bloons and travel slightly faster

1% longer range

Heavy Missiles $2000Edit

Can shred through 8 layers and pop 9 bloons

Epic Accuracy $7500Edit

Breaks through 12 layers, deals 14 damage to BCCBs and 16 to MOABs, BFBs, ZOMGs, and TIMs instead of 12

High Velocity $16000Edit

Missiles travel faster and can pop 18 bloons

3% longer range

Ceramic Crusher $22500Edit

Bloon: We are so dead now. Breaks through 19 layers, deals 22 damage to BCCBs and 25 to MOABs, BFBs, ZOMGs, and TIMs instead of 19.

1% longer range

1% faster

Path 2Edit

Faster Firing $800Edit

20% faster

Smart Missiles $2000Edit

Missiles seek out bloons

Ballistic Missiles $3600Edit

Nothing stands between these guys and their target! Plus they break through 1 extra layer on the first bloon they hit

Modified Launcher $2000Edit

10% longer range

5% faster

Ballistic Kinetimissle Strike Team (BKST for short) $28000Edit

Monkey: ATTACK! Rainbow bloon: I regret that I have but 7 layers to give for my country. AC: 3 monkeys each with their own launcher.

3x faster!

Path 3Edit

Advanced Targetting $1600Edit

Can target camos, 10% longer range

Longer Range $2000Edit

25% longer range

killer missiles $4000Edit

can pop 7 layers

Trishot $20000Edit

Fires 3 missles at oncce

Kinietimissle Storm $20000Edit

Monkey: Kinetimissile Storm! Other monkey: An actual storm? Not another pun!!! Ability with long recharge that fires 80 of the 2-3-2s missles at once.

Ultima: Ballistic Ceramic Crushing Trishot Team $60000Edit

You'll never find a wider-field weapon than this one! Ballistic Kinetimissle Strike Team, each with a Trishot/Ceramic Crushing Missle Launcher. (Like a 5/5/4, if that were possible.)