Laser Monkey: This super awesome laser beamin' monkey shoots a laser beam that pops 5 bloons each. It has many powerful upgrades. This Laser Monkey packs a punch.
Starting Cost: $595
Path 1 Upgrades:

1: Lava lasers: lets u pop lead bloons and 2x damage on ceramic

2: Big Lasers: Lasers become bigger, and are harder for bloons to avoid. $400
3: faster lasers: shoots lasers faster 300$
4: Trio Laser: Shoots 3 lasers at a time! $3,700
5: M.O.A.B Melter: When a M.O.A.B class blimp is hit with a laser, it does 300 damage to it. $8,000
Path 2
1: Freeze Ray: Lasers can pop frozen bloons.$230
2: Super Lasers: Pops 6 bloons per laser. $525.
3: Epic Lasers: Pops 8 bloons per laser. $850
4: Layer Laser: Lasers can pop 3 layers of bloon! $4,000
5: Epic Lasers: Lasers can pop 8 layers of bloon! $12,000
Path 3
1: Long Range: Has longer range: $175
2: Long-Distance Lasers: Lasers travel much longer. $520
3: Split Lasers: After each shot, 2 small lasers split from the big laser, popping 2 bloons per small laser. $1,250
4: Unstoppa Laser: Lasers now become laser beam, but redouces the pop power. $6,700
5: Deadly Beam: Beam of Death Ability: A huge laser beam surrounds the monkey, and grows bigger and bigger by the second, popping each bloon under the beam once per secong, and doing 100 damage to M.O.A.B class blimps per second. $9,500.
Ultima Upgrade: Trioly Beam of Death :

An ultimate Beam of Death split inti three megapowerful 1's each 40x more than a normal and could spread everywhere on the track 20:10, July 20, 2012 (UTC)Thomas Quang Bui