• a unupgraded monkey ace
  • a Dart Storm
Monkey Ace $765/$900/$970

Follows 1 of 3 preset paths (but you can change the paths) constantly firing 8 darts in different directions at once. Popping power (per dart) 3 Spd 0.8

Path 1Edit

Sharper Darts $255/$300/$325Edit

Increase Popping Power to 4

Faster Firing $510/$600/$650Edit

Increase Speed to 1.1

Rapidfire $1700/$2000/$2160Edit

Increase Speed to 1.9

Neva Miss Targeting $1870/$2200/$2375Edit

Darts seek out bloons

Spectre $15300/$18000/$19440Edit

The Spectre is the newest plane of ownage, named for the omnipotent Inspector Comics character of the same name.Shoots missiles at Speed 20 that can pop 10 bloons each

Path 2Edit

Pineapple Express $170/$200/$215Edit

Drops Pineapples that can pop 10 bloons at a time at Speed 0.5

More Darts $340/$400/$430Edit

Fires 16 darts at once

Even More Darts $2040/$2400/$2590Edit

Fires 32 darts at once

RAZR Darts $8075/$9500/$10260Edit

Rocket Accelerated Zeppelin Ripper Darts fire at speed 2 and do 2 Damage to blimps

Operation:Dart Storm $10625/$12500/$13500 Edit

Monkey General: Our darts will block out the sun.

Bloon general: No matter. We will fight in the shaYEARRGH (impaled by darts).

Increase Speed to 1.1 and fire 64 Darts at once

Path 3Edit

Sonic Darts $170/$200/$215Edit

Darts can pop Frozen bloons

Spy Plane $555/$650/$700Edit

Can hit camo bloons

Laser Radar 3400/$4000$4320Edit

Fires a laser at speed 10 that can has 2 Popping Power and can shred through 2 Layers

Dual Lasers $5100/$6000/$6480Edit

Fires 2 Lasers.

Battlestar Bloonsday $18700/$22000/$23760Edit

Laziken's power has backed you up with 4 fusion cannons that pawn.

Shoots 4 Plasma Blasts that can shred through 4 layers

Fusion Storm Ability:

Fires 200 bloon-seeking plasma blasts. 72 second recharge.

ULTIMA: Dart Storm Super Spectre Bloonsday $76500/$90000/$97200Edit

Super-mega-ultra epic plane. The bloons don't stand a quarter-chance.

Dart storm's 50-dart spread and pineapple bombs. Spectre's epic machine gun of win. Battlestar Bloonsday's 4 plasma cannons and ability. All packed into one plane that has darts that do more damage to blimps, plasma blasts, and bombs that have a huge explosion. Has a stronger version of the Battlestar Bloonsday's Ability that fires 255 bloon-seeking plasma blasts that melt through 7 layers each.