Monkey Apprentice 600/700/760

Range x1.3 Speed x1.0

Its basic atack can pop 3 bloons and can pop any bloon type.

‍Path 1Edit

Fireball $250Edit

Now fires as a seperate attack explosive fireballs (like a base-level bomb monkey's bombs) at speed 0.3

Monkey Sense $300Edit

Can target camo bloons!

Dragon's Breath $5000Edit

Adds a new, seperate firey attack that fires at speed 8, popping 4 bloons a shot.

Maximized Fireball $6000Edit

Shoots fireballs at speed 1.2, and they can pop 4 layers

Master of Fire $8000Edit

Dragon's breath sped up to 10

Shoots 3 fireballs at once

‍Path 2Edit

Ice Strike $200Edit

Fires ice blasts at speed 0.4, these freeze bloons for 1 second but do not pop them, same splash as unupgraded bomb tower.

Breaking Ice $350Edit

Ice now pops and freezes bloons

Chill Power $800Edit

Pops 2 layers, freezes 3 and freezes for 1.2 seconds.

Icy Mines $2400Edit

Now splash 2 and can effect 19 bloons

Master of Ice $7500Edit

Range 1.5

Nearby bloons travel at half speed

Freezes through 5 layers of bloons

Path 3Edit

Magic Energy $200Edit

I cast Magic Missile at the darkness... Its basic attack can pop 4 bloons

Faster Casting $400Edit

All of its attacks 20% faster

Lightningbolt $1800Edit

New lightning attack that strikes up to 10 bloons, arcing from bloon to bloon.

This has speed 0.9

Summon Whirlwind $2200Edit

Fires whirlwinds at speed 1.1 that push up to 18 bloons back towards the entrance w/out popping them

Master of Air $10000Edit

They can affect 80 bloons, pop them as well, and push them back further.

Plus, all it's attacks are 10% faster

Ultima: Epic Spellcaster 28000Edit

Complete mastery of all 3 elements. (Literally becomes 5/5/5)