Monkey Buccaneer 510/600/650

Speed x0.9 Popping power 3 Range x1.8 Must be placed in water.

‍Path 1

‍Bigger Darts 240/280/300

Popping power +2

‍Grape Shot 600/700/760

Each dart is accompanied by a volley of sharpened grapes- can pop 2 bloons each

‍Heavy Cannon 1700/2000/2150

Range +20% Popping power +4 (Darts), +2 (Grapes)

‍Battleship 5100/6000/6500

Range +30% 2x faster

‍Floating Fortress 13000/15000/16250

Range +30% Popping power +10 (Darts), +6 (Grapes) 20% faster Darts can pop any bloon type. Can be used as a floating platform for up to 3 ground towers. Towers placed on board get popping power +1.

‍Path 2

‍Longer Cannons 170/200/220

10% longer range, popping power +1 (Darts)

‍Crow's Nest 470/550/600

10% longer range, can target Camos.

‍Secondary Cannon 2100/2500/2700

adds a second, independently targetting cannon.

‍Cannonballs 4300/5000/5400

Instead of darts, it shoots flaming cannonballs that explode when they run out of pops with a splash of x1.2- explosions pop 9 bloons each

‍Monkey Pirates 7650/9000/9725

20% faster 20% longer range 35% greater cannonball splash Generates $500 a round.

Boarding Party ability:
A small boat armed with a cannon equivelant to a 0/4/1 Buccaneer departs from the ship, travels to the nearest blimp, and beats it up for 12 seconds, generating an additional $25 every time it breaks open a layer, and then returns. 50 second recharge.

‍Path 3

‍Faster Firing 200/240/260

25% faster

‍Even Faster Firing 360/420/450

20% faster

‍Escort Ships 1700/2000/2150

Accompanied by a pair of 1-1-1 Buccaneers

‍Monkey Galleon 2700/3200/3500

20% faster 20% longer range Can be used as a floating platform for up to 4 ground units.

‍Monkey Cruise Ship 4700/5500/6000

Can be used as a floatng platform for up to 10 ground units. Units placed on board 20% faster. generates $250 a round.

Cruise ability:

Generates $20 for each unit on board and for 10 seconds it will move around before returning to its point of origin. Very long recharge.

Ultima: Monkeybeard's Revenge 24000/28000/30000

Imagine the 2-5-2 pirates with a 50% longer range and 4 cannons instead of 2.

And it can carry up to 12 ground units. And generates $1200 a round. And is 25% faster.