• monkey fort
Monkey Fort 1020/1200/1300

Popping power bonus 1 Range bonus 15% Speed bonus N/A Radius of influence: 0.9 (relative to a Dart Monkey's range)

‍Path 1Edit

‍Wider Influence 260/300/320Edit

Rad. of influence increased by 30%.

‍Sonar Beacon 2100/2500/2700Edit

Rad. of influence increases by another 40% and enables camo targetting for all in range.

‍Monkey Armory 2100/2500/2700Edit

popping power bonus increased by 3.

‍Monkey Intelligence Bureau 4300/5000/5400Edit

10% greater radius, range bonus is 17% (20% with enhanced fort), allows popping of any bloon type.

‍M.I.B. Call to Arms 15300/18000/19400Edit

5% greater radius.

‍Call to Arms ability:Edit

for 12 seconds, all in its range gets x2 speed and popping power. 72 second recharge.

‍Path 2Edit

‍Enhanced fort 510/600/650Edit

Popping power bonus increased by 1 Range bonus increased to 17%

‍Jungle Drums 1300/1500/1600Edit

Also provides a 15% speed bonus

‍More Cash 4300/5000/5400Edit

+ $15 for every 100 bloons popped within its range.

‍Fortress Guards 13000/15000/16250Edit

The fortress is guarded by a pair of 2-0-0 Super Monkeys. (Considered part of the same tower)

‍Monkey Castle 18750/22000/23750Edit

Generates an additional $500 a round, the radius of influence is increased by 40%, and the popping power bonus is increased by 1.

‍King's Own ability:Edit

for 9 seconds the 2 super monkey guards will attack at x3 speed and be equivelant to 3-0-1 super monkeys instead of 2-0-0 ones. 65 second recharge.

‍Path 3Edit

‍LDS (Laser Defense System) $1100Edit

Adds a laser cannon which blasts a single bloon at speed 4.3

‍LDP (Laser Defense Program) $1200Edit

Laser becomes affected by all the fort's non-range bonuses.

‍SLASH (Super Laser AirShip Hater) $3000Edit

Laser deals more damage to blimps, breaks through 2 layers

‍SDI (Specialized Destruction Irradiation) $7000Edit

Laser breaks through 5 layers, deals even more damage to blimps

Ray of Win $45000Edit

Laser fires 5x as fast!

Ultima: Fortress of Ultimate Win $60000Edit

$700 a round

Castle's range and guards

Both abilities

All effects of Castle and M.I.B. combined