• a unupgraded monkey gunship
  • a monkey gunship 3/x/x
  • a x/x/5 bringer of doom
Based on an idea from Bloon_Destroyer1122.

Monkey Gunship $2050/$2500/$2700

Speed 3 Rng 1.4 Popping Power 2

A ship equipped with a pair of independently aiming high-speed dart guns. Must be placed on water.

Path 1Edit

Faster Firing $510/$600/$650Edit

25% faster

Even Faster Firing $660/$750/$800Edit

20% faster

Third Gun $4020/$4200/$4500Edit

Adds a 3rd gun

Artillery Rockets $6380/$7500/$8100Edit

Adds a missile launcher equivelant to a 2/1/1 Artillery

Battleship Monkeyopolis $51000/$60000/$65000Edit

80% faster

6 guns and 2 launchers

30% longer range

can be used as a floating platform for up to 7 towers

Path 2Edit

Sonic Darts $610/$700/$750Edit

Can pop Frozen bloons

Bigger Darts $2000Edit

Popping power +1

Flaming Cannonballs $4500Edit

Adds 2 Independently targetting launchers which fire explosive cannonballs of splash 1.1 at speed 2. They can pop 10 bloons each.

More Cannonballs $5000Edit

4 cannonball launchers and cannonballs fire 10% faster

Pirate Flagship $30000Edit

8 cannonball launchers

Generates $700 a round

20% longer range

Can be used as a floating platform for up to 5 towers.

Grand Thievery ability:Edit

For 7 seconds, you get an additional $100 for every blimp (MOAB, BFB, ZOMG) you crack open nearby. 92 second recharge.

Path 3Edit

Longer Range $700Edit

25% longer range

Radar System $1600Edit

5% longer range and can target camos

Flamethrower Ship $5500Edit

Adds 2 flamethrowers each equivelant to a 1-0-0 Flamethrower monkey

Dark Ship $7000Edit

Adds 2 more flamethrowers and boosts range 10%

Bringer of Doom $30000Edit

2x faster

Dart Guns break through 2 layers at once

Bloonsday Missile ability:Edit

The nearest blimp is hit with a big one- sized missile that deals 200 dmg to MOABs and BFBs 220 dmg to ZOMGs and 260 dmg to LEADs.

64 second recharge.

ULTIMA: Wrath of Monkeybeard $110000Edit

8 guns 4 missile launchers 4 cannonball launchers and 4 flamethrowers packed into 1 unstoppable boat that also generates $1600 a round.

1.4x the range of the Battleship Monkeyopolis and:

Guns: speed of guns on 5-2-2

Cannonball Launchers: 1.4x speed of launchers on 2-4-2

Flamethrowers: 1.5x speed of flamethrowers on 2-2-5

Rocket launchers: Speed of Rocket Launchers on 5-2-2

Plus, gets both abilities

Also can be used for a floating platform for 12 towers.