Mortar $680/$800/$860

Constantly shoots bombs of splash 1.5 that can pop 13 bloons each at a fixed spot anywhere on the screen. Spd 0.5 can hit camos

Path 1Edit

Two Tier $600/$700/$760Edit

Can break through 2 layers

Fearsome Foursome $1530/$1800/$2300Edit

Splash 1.7, can pop 15 bloons, can break through 4 layers

Six Layer Smash $3650/$5000/$6720Edit

Can break through 6 layers splash 1.8 can pop 17 bloons.

Mountaintop Niner $7200/$9000/$11000Edit

Can break through 9 layers, splash 2, can pop 23 bloons.

Bloon Doom $30200/$32000/$35000Edit

Can break through 18 layers, splash 2.6 can pop 33 bloons

Path 2Edit

Faster Reload $260/$300/$320Edit

20% faster

Burny Stuff $480/$520/$560Edit

Has a 40% chance of igniting bloons, burning through an additional layer a second for 3 seconds

Napalm Booster $1550/$2000/$2250Edit

Has a 80% chance of igniting bloons, lasts 5 seconds, burns through bloons twice as fast

Even Faster Reload $3530/$4500/$5020Edit

Fires 40% faster

Mortar Battery $15400/$19000/$21000Edit

Fires 3x faster

Path 3Edit

Increased Accuracy $210/$250/$270Edit

More accurate.

Signal Flare $510/$600/$650Edit

Has a 70% chance of removing Camo status.

Orbital Laser $5100/$6000/$6500Edit

Drops the mortar and takes control of an orbital super-laser that blasts a single bloon anywhere within an 0-1-0 Super Monkey's range of the spot targetted at speed 14 (15 with FR). breaks through 2 layers with a shot (3 with FF), and can melt lead. Burny stuff gives it a 20% chance of igniting bloons as specified. Will also remove camo status on contact.

Faster Laser $7650/$9000/$9720 Edit

Laser fires 70% faster.

Bloonsday Laser $40200/$42000/$44000Edit

Breaks through thrice as many layers per shot and deals decent damage to blimps.

Ultima: Bloonsday Bloondoom Battery $106500$125000/$135000Edit

This was used during the B Day invasion to stop bloons from taking over the Monkey Kingdom. A 5-5-2 paired with a 2-5-5 for well nigh unstoppable power