Ninja Skill 8NK

Ninjas attack 30% faster and have a 5% longer range

Great Wind 12NK

Whirlwinds can effect 50 bloons for DoA, 150 for MoA

Specialer Shop 16NK

All items at specialty shops are 30% off

Awesomer Spikes 16NK

40% more spikes in a stack for spike monkeys and road spikes

Super Sabotage 11NK

Permanent 10% blimp sabotage! Ability increased from 35% to 60%!

Monkey Tycoon 16NK

Towers can be sold for their full purchase price

Hotter Cooldown 28NK

30% shorter ability recharge!

More Lives 10NK

60% more starting lives and any Healthy Bananas bonuses generate 4 or 20 instead of 3 or 15 lives.

Digital Amplification 22NK

Any forts with the Sonar Beacon upgrade and submarines with the Monkey Beacon upgrade have a 30% greater radius of influence

Epic Monkeys 10NK

super monkeys fire 15% faster and have a 20% longer range.

Mechanized Doom 15NK

Robo-Monkeys and Tech. Terrors have 40% more popping power and 5% longer range

Viral Glue 16NK

Glue is so sticky that whenever bloons touch glued bloons, they will get glued, and so on, spreading the glue like a virus. Limited to 55 bloons a shot (60 with glue splatter, 70 for Ultima)

Titanium Claymores 14NK

Your x/5/x and Ultima sword monkeys drop their mideiveal steel claymores for modern titanium ones that can pop lead bloons and cleave through 18 layers instead of 16.

More Cash 20NK

End of round cash bonuses doubled, 15% more starting cash. $20 extra per 200 bloons popped..

Speedy Upgrades 20NK

Upgrades can be purchased 10% off, all upgrades provide an additional 0.8% speed boost on top of their normal effect.

Omega Weapon Plus 18NK

Omega weapons have 5% more popping power, all minimum sacrifice requirements reduced by 20%, the upgrade itself is 15% off

20 Monkey Money 1NK

Just some extra MM

240 Monkey Money 10NK

A good supply of MM

700 Monkey Monkey 22NK

A lot of MM

7000 Monkey Money 180NK

Good for getting those high-rank agents

20000 Monkey Money 280NK

That's a lot of monkey money...

80000 Monkey Money 1100NK

What can one do with this much monkey money? 10K cash injection: 3NK

250 Life Injection: 3NK

Epic Powah Pack 100NK

Hotter Cooldown, Epic Monkeys, Omega Weapon Plus, Titanium Claymores, Mechanized Dooom, and 1000MM

Super Support Pack 65NK

Great Wind, Digital Amplification, More Lives, Viral Glue, and life injections for your next 4 games

Mega Money Pack 100NK

More cash, monkey tycoon, cash injections for your next 4 games, and 2000MM

Everything Pack 190NK

Everything but the monkey money boosters and the cash injections

Mega Everything Pack 345NK

The everything pack, plus 7000 Monkey Money and vash injections for your next 5 games