Puncher Monkey - Punches 3 layers off of all bloon types. Punches one bloon at a type, and can pop lead and frozen bloons. Pushes them aback while popping (punching).
Faster Punching
Punches faster
Even Faster Punching
Punches even faster
Punching Turboer
Turboes punching to 2x as fast as the last.
Layer Punches
Punches 5 bloons at a time, and pops 5 layers off of bloons.
Hyper Puncher
Punches bloons super duper fast!
Bigger Punching Range
Punches further
Even Bigger Punching Range
Punches even further
Super Punching Eyes
Can punch camo bloons. Punches a little further in addition.
Heroic Eyes
Punches 7x as far as the first.
Gigantic Punching Eye Ability
Punches the nearest MOAB, BFB, ZOMG and destroys it instantly. BBTCBDWLALs can burst into 250 ZOMGs. Recharge time 105 seconds
Double Arms
Punches with two arms instead of 1
Super Arms
Punches with its legs and arms.
Super Punching Monkey's Body
Punches bloons with every part of its body!
Bigger Gloves
All punching gloves on the body of the Puncher Monkey grow larger, piercing 2 bloons at once.
Gigantic Glowing Glove
Gloves are now gigantic piercing 100 bloons, 3 layers each. Glows as well. Glows pop 1 layer and pierce 300 bloons. Two Shay Ability: Punches all bloons on screen. Recharge time 92 seconds
ULTIMATE UPGRADE (PUNCHER MONKEY): You're the King in the Ring! The Ring King and burst open ZOMG into2 MOABs instead of 4 BFB's that make 16 MOAB's only because the bloons are terrified they sacrifice to the Ring Kin Quang Bui