Scuba Monkey

Appearence : Looks like a monkey in a scuber divers suit and looks with arobo tank after certain upgrades attacks by throwing darts and hides in water and throws secretly and almost not be seen.

Path 1

Longer Range

30% longer


see camos

Sea Urchins

25% longer but 30% slower because of weight

Big O'Daddy Urchin

25% longer but 10% slower because even more weight

O'Daddy and Uncles

if 1 is private 3's a crowd (of awesomeness)

Path 2

Piercing Dart

power pop +1

Blazing Darts

power pop +2

Goldenly Darts

pops frozen

Perfect Platnim

pops lead


If 1 is private 3's a crowd (of awesomeness)

Path 3

Faster Fire

30% increase

Even Faster Fire

40% increase

Turbo Speed

rocket powered engines shoots it clear out of the water

Bloontonium Laser Formula

pops frozen power pop +9

Bloontonium Plasma Formula

pops lead power pop +23

Ultima: Bio-chemical Accident: the formula for the plasma spills out on the big urchins and the scuba monkey has to use them to wipe out the bloons with ultimate range. Quang Bui

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