Sniper Monkey

Has a gun that snipes bloons and looks different on different upgrades. It automatically has full range

Path 1
1. Sniping Bullets - Snipes 2 layers off bloons instead of 1!
2. Sniper Master - Sniper Masters can thaw frozen and lead bloons, pop 4 layers, and can throw anywhere on the map instead of having limited access
3. Ceramic Bullets - Ceramic Bullets thaw through ceramic bloons, and can pop 17 layers of bloon!
4. Cripple MOAB Sniper Monkey - Bullets will immobilize MOAB-class bloons (MOAB, BFB) and ZOMG-class bloons (ZOMG, ABTHUYH). Does 1000 damage to each and pops 18 layers.
5. Bullet Rifile Monketeer - Bullets can pop 3 bloons at once instead of 1, attack more than 4x as fast, and throws 7 snips instead of 1!!!

Path 2
1. Pineapple Express 400 - This upgrade sends in a train every 4 seconds that drives across the track dropping pineapples twice every second, each that explode on impact after 0.5 seconds.
2. Explosive Bullets - Every 10th shot, bullets will leave napalm on bloons burning layers slowly for 14 seconds, and on the 15th second, has an explosion that can pop 780 layers off of bloons/blimps, do damage to all blimps and bloon types, see camo, have popping power of 100,000, and leave trails of pineapple storms on the track!
3. Sniper Storm - Get 25 stragetically placed 0-1-3 Snipers for the price of 2! Amazing.
4. Semiauto Rifile - Leaves smoke bombs on the track exploding on impact 4 seconds after being placed. Attacks twice as fast and pops 3 bloons per shot. Smoke Bombs can pop 167 bloons, can stack with more Semiauto Rifiles for huge popping power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. Bazooka Handthrower - Instead of throwing bullets, holds a bazookaneer in its hand that shoot bazookas. Bazookas can pop 14 bloons at once and explode on impact. Has hypersonic speed

Path 3
1. Tron Sniper - Tron Snipers can throw rings that glow in circles. Each Tron can pop 11 bloons.
2. Depleted Tron Sniping Monkey - Can pop 23 bloons per shot and now can pop any bloon type. Can slash through 70 layers, breaking through MOAB-class bloons.
3. Hydra Tron Podder - Tronpodders can destroy 3 MOABs per 5 shots instead of 1 every 10 shots! Slashes through 210 layers and can pop 36 bloons
4. Bloon Area Denial System - (For the Dartling Gun its labeled/called Bloons Not Allowed B.N.A.) Throws 3 tronpodders per shot.
5. Exploding Tronner - Explodes on impact but has a frag that can pop black bloons. Slashes through almost 3000 layers!!!!!!!!

Ultima: Tron Bazooka: shoots with bazzokas tron rings crazily all over the place. Thomas Quang Bui (C)