Specialty Shop $1100

Allows you to purchase improved one shots and 1 single-round bonus per round.

Improved One-Shots:

Spikier Spikes $50

Can pop 23 bloons per stack.

Big Pineapples $40

Splash 2 can pop 33 bloons

One-round bonuses:

Magic Power 850/1000/1100

Apprentices can pop 14% more bloons per shot for 1 round.

Path 1Edit

Healthy Bananas $300Edit

Each round, you may purchase instead of your 1-game bonus 3 extra lives for $150

Healthier Bananas $500Edit

12 lives for $550

Super Monkey Potion $1200Edit

SMP one-round bonus: Use it on a dart monkey and for 1 round it will be turned into a special super monkey that fires the apprentice's fireballs at speed 9 and has range 3. Costs $1500.

Nuclear Pineapples $1200Edit

Adds a Nuclear Pineapple 1-shot: a big pineapple that can pop up to 37 bloons and breaks through 2 layers. Costs $95.

Big Bang $3200Edit

Big Bang 1-round bonus: Use it on any super monkey up to 1-4-2 and it and all other nearby dart-throwing towers will fire explosive darts of splash 0.8 that can pop 5 extra bloons per shot for 1 round. Costs $2400.

Path 2Edit

Dart Sharpener $250Edit

Adds a new 1-round bonus: Sharper Darts 680/800/860: Dart Monkeys up to 2-5-3 can pop 1 extra bloon a shot for 1 round.

Two Bonuses $1000Edit

You may now, if you have sufficient cash, buy 2 bonuses a round.

High Tech $1200Edit

1-round bonuses also give 20% speed bonuses to affected towers.

Triple Booster $1800Edit

You may now, if you have sufficient cash, buy 3 bonuses a round.

High Income $5000Edit

Generates $700 a round

Path 3Edit

Acid Glue $100Edit

Adds a new one-shot:

Acid Glue, $70

Glues up to 24 bloons like a 0-2-0 Glue Gunner

Diamond Spikes $400Edit

New one shot: Diamond spikes can pop 35 bloons a stack. $80.

Plasma defense$2200Edit

Adds a plasma cannon, range 1.3, that blasts bloons at speed 3 and can break through 3 layers. Can melt ice.

Twin plasma $2200Edit

Adds another plasma!

Power plasma $8000Edit

Adds 2 more plasma! plasma can break 4 layers and melt lead!

Ultima: Perma-power $60000Edit

Abilities given to towers last for 20 rounds instead of one. Their prices double.