Water Monkey

A Monkey Apprentices look except blue robes and waves at the bottom. It is also has ice shards when it attacks with ice instead of water. it uses water blobs and throws at bloons to make a layer slide off

Path 1

Bigger Blobs

20% slides 2 layers instead

Sinking Puddles

puddles put on track to make bloons slip off fall another 1 layer

Wider Puddles

70% makes it slip multiple times slides 3 layers off

Water Sticks

shoot sticks instead of blobs to pop layers 5 instead of slipping

Raining Water

make rain puddles everywhere on track ability recharge 50 sec

Path 2

Ice stones

instead of water they are ice popping 1 layer instead of sliding them

Ice spikes

have spikes shot out instead of stone popping 5 layers

Ice Spike Razrs

having ridges on the ends of the spikes

Ice Spike Balls

shoot out spike balls made of ice 10 spikes 5 layer pop each


rains ice shards on the track popping the bloons ability recharges every 50 sec

Path 3

Gas Bubbles

makes bubbles on bloons evaporating a layer off

Acid Bubbles

Melts through the bloons 2 layers

Lifting Gas

lifts up 3 layers of bloon leaves other layers behind because of weight

Acid Puddles

Makes Puddles that burn the bloon a it goes across

Acid Rain

rains acid on the bloons ability recharges 50 sec Thomas Quang Bui