Spike Factor

Appearance looks like a generater with an X made with 2 spikes or just a spike ball after upgrades or an ice x or an ice spike ball.


Bigger stack pile


White hot spikez

melt lead

Spike Balls

spiked balls instead of just spikes ball with 10 spikes


explodes after all 10 spikes used

Frag Pieces

10 extra sharp pieces left after the explosion

Path 2

Faster Prodution

20% faster

Even Faster Production

80% faster

MOAB Shredr

S- Super h-hard r-ripped off d-driven r-razors shred MOABs

Longer Range

factories shoot 15% farther

Spike Storm

Spikes gather everywhere on the track ability recharge 45 sec

Path 3

Ice shards

instead of metal tack they're made of ice

Razor Edges

popping power +2

Touch and freeze

bloons touch and get popped all layers no effect on lead ceramic or MOAB classes

Spiked Balls of Ice

like spike balls but except made of ice

Hidden Bomb

a bomb in the midle explodes when all spikes are gone and leaves sharp pieces of ice left over to pop 10 extra

Ultima: Claymore Clones. Claymores that are covered in spikes apear everywhere after 10 pops a claymore explodes signaling that ice spikes come out of nowhere out of the ground giving total destruction Thomas Quang Bui