• a unupgraded spike monkey
  • a x/5/x death spike monkey
  • a x/x/3 spike factory
Spike Monkey 510/600/650

Speed 12 SPM Range 90 Pixels Popping Power 2 Constantly throws piles of 4 spikes on random points of track in its range.

Path 1Edit

Bigger Stacks 340/400/430Edit

7 spikes to a stack

Giant Stacks 680/800/860Edit

11 spikes to a stack

Spikeballs 2600/3000/3250Edit

Throws a Spiked Ball. PP 18 2 Damage to Ceramics

Bigger Spikeballs 8500/10000/11000Edit

PP 48

Giga Spikeballs 26000/30000/32500 Edit

PP 160

Path 2Edit

Sharper Spikes 340/400/430Edit

PP 3

White Hot Spikes 770/900/970Edit

PP 4 Can pop Leads

Piercing Spikes 3000/3500/3800Edit

Layers 2

Spike Cannon 8500/10000/11000Edit

Range 120 Pixels PP 8

Death Spikes 20000/24000/26000Edit

Layers 5

Path 3Edit

More Spikes 170/200/220Edit

Speed 14 SPM

Many More Spikes 510/600/650Edit

Speed 17 SPM

Spike Factory 3000/3500/3800Edit

Speed 19 SPM Shoots 8 Stacks

Increased Production 3000/3500/3800Edit

Speed 32 SPM

Spike Storm 21000/25000/27500Edit

Shoots 32 Stacks

Spike Storm ability:Edit

Shoots 280 Stacks 45 second recharge

Ultima: Spikeball Storm Factory 170000/200000/220000Edit

A spike storm spike factory that shoots 160-spike balls instead of11-spike stacks on the whole track. (Like a 5/2/5, if that were possible.)