Super Monkey 3400/4000/4300

The Super Monkey throws darts at hypersonic speed. Has many classic super monkey upgrades from earlier games and also many new, secret ones.

Speed 15 Range 1.4

Popping Power 1 Layer 1

‍Path 1Edit

‍X-Ray Vision 850/1000/1100Edit

Can target Camos.

‍Laser Vision 2400/3000/3600Edit

Increase Popping Power to 2, Can pop frozen and Lead

‍Plasma Vision 3800/5000/6000Edit

Increase Popping Power to 5,Increase Speed to 20

‍Sun monkey 12000/15000/18500Edit

Increase Popping Power to 20,Increase Speed to 27,Shoots 3 Projectiles

‍Solar Terror 50000/70000/100000Edit

A legendary and well nigh unstoppable mechanized sun god firing sun beams of bloon destruction from its arms.Increase Speed to 30,Increase Range to 1.7,Increase Popping Power to 110,Increase Layers to 2,Shoots 2 Projectiles

‍Path 2Edit

‍Super Range $850/$1000/$1080Edit

Increase Range to 1.2

epic rangeEdit

Increase Range to 1.5

‍Super Strength $7650/$9000/$9720Edit

Increase Popping Power to 6

‍Robo-god $9000/$11000/$13600Edit

Part super monkey, part killer robot.

Shoots 2 independently aiming streams at once, can pop any bloon.

‍Technological Terror $21000/$24000/$27000Edit

This insidious machine packs a powerful punch when it comes to anihilating bloons.

Increase Speed to 24,Increase Popping Power to 13, gains the following abilities:

‍Antimatter machineEdit

Breaks through up to 550 layers on all bloons in its range. 85 second recharge.

‍Path 3Edit

‍Piercing Shots $1700/$2000/$2160Edit

Increase Popping Power to 2

‍Super Shots $3100/$3900/$4500Edit

Increase Popping Power to 4

‍Dark Monkey $7650/$9000/$9720Edit

Increase Layers to 2

‍Dark God $15800/$17000/$19200Edit

Increase Speed to 30

‍Doom God $51000/$60000/$65000Edit

The true god of all darkness.

Increase Layers to 5, Increase Speed to 36, and gains the following abilities:

‍Reign of DarknessEdit

The tower nearest it is sacrificed to destroy a number of bloons with a total RBE set at round(1.9round(1.01(v^1.04)+.03v)+.00000001P),where v is the value of the tower sacrificed (s+p/1000, s being the price it can be sold for and p being its pop count) and P is this tower's total pops. 120 second recharge.)

Ultima: Omega Weapon $100000/120000/150000Edit

An unstoppable mechanized tank equipped with twin Rays of Doom and a pair of enhanced MOAB Assasins. Provides epic power in exchange for great sacrifice...

A high priest of ultimate sun lord Atenkahn, he is tough as the Temple itself and more than twice as mean...

Layers 3 Popping Power 500 Speed 50

Can pop lead and frozen and shoots 2 MOAB Maulers that shoots at speed 60,Has Technological Terrors ability

Sacrifice list