Sword Monkey $1500

Slashes bloons. pop pow 4, layer 2, spd 1.3, rng 0.6

Path 1Edit

Sharper Sword $700Edit

Pop pow +2

Even Sharper Sword $1500Edit

Pop pow +3

Diamond Edge 2000Edit

Pop pow + 12

Ninja Swordsmonkey $3000Edit

60% faster, can target Camos.

Spinning Blades $11000Edit

Ok, Glaive Lord, you're pretty dang powerful. But can you spin SWORDS? No! Adds a pair of permanent blades circling it at speed 1.2, cutting through up to 22 bloons per revolution and breaking through 3 layers.

Path 2Edit

Longer Sword $600Edit

Pop pow +1 Range +15%

Heavy Sword $1200Edit

10% slower Layer +1

Great Sword $3400Edit

The Great Sword- Excellent power and reach make this a very good choice for a weapon. If only it were faster....

25% slower layer +5 pop pow +2 rng +40%

Uber Sword $5000Edit

The Uber Sword has an even greater reach and can rip through huge numbers of bloons.

rng +15% pop pow +28

Scottish Claymore $18000Edit

Wields the most coveted melee weapon inexistence: a Scottish Claymore.

Hahaha! Wait, if I'm a sword monkey, why am I using an axe?

AC: Wields a massive scottish battleaxe.

(This upgrade suggested by Bappolopeicus)

rng +10% pop pow +4 layer +8

Path 3Edit

Faster Slashing $400Edit

15% faster

Sonic Blade $600Edit

Can pop frozen bloons

Dual Wield $4400Edit

Twice the swords for twice the win.

Beam Swords $9000Edit

Drops the conventional swords for powerful energy swords which can melt lead and be wielded with much greater effectiveness.

Layer +1 Can melt Lead 20% faster

Berserk Mode $16000Edit


Berserk Mode ability:Edit

For 9 seconds, it attacks 3x faster, dealing double damage to blimps and cutting through everything it touches. 80 second recharge.

'ULTIMA: Dual Scottish Claymores '$50000Edit

If one Scottish Claymore wasn't enough, have 2 of them.

Faster kill than a Super Monkey!