Tack Tower A pink tower appearence and pops 8 bloons at a time

Path 1

Sharper Tacks

even sharper +1 power pop

Diamond Tacks

tacks made of diamond sharp enough to go through anything.

Blades of the Ninja

gets ninja stars to shoot out

Fiery Blades

Blades with fire on it

Cra-Z Attack

Blades shoot every where out of control : ability recharges 22 sec

Path 2

Larger Range

increases by 20 %

Tack Sprayer

adds 8 extra more tack shooter

Larger Tacks

size increase by 5%

Ring of Fire

shoots a ring made of fire

Sun God Rays

shoots Sun God Rays instead : ability recharges 35 sec

Path 3

Widget Helper

goes 40% faster

Angel of doom

turns on the dark side and makes tacks fall out of the sky every 3 sec but only in tower radius

Really Evil

get Hades to make tacks come out of the ground but to stop the angel from conquering


Get rid of Hades if you can get Zeus to shoot lightning down in the radius

Zeus's bolt

shoots Zeus's famous bolt every 15 sec randomly somewhere on track even off radius : abilty recharge 3 min

Ultima: Ultimate Cra-z-ness

Shoots Zeus's bolt everywhere and has make the fiery ninja stars ride it onto the bloon slicing all layers. 18:14, July 20, 2012 (UTC)Thomas Quang Bui