Time Monkey $800

Does not pop bloons, but puts them into half speed rewind for 2 seconds. Time bloons, MOABs, BFBs, ELKs, ZOMGs, Super Bloons, BUD-Ds, LEADs, and TIMs are immune to this. Can target Camos.

Rng 1.3

Spd 1.2

Path 1Edit

Intense Magic $550Edit

Each shot can affect 2 bloons

Thunder Blast $1800Edit

It is surrrounded by a constant ring of electricity, which pops up to 4 bloons at a time at speed 2.8

Whirling Lightning $4200Edit

Lightning pops up to 5 bloons at a time at speed 6.9

Temporal Archmage $4500 Edit

Main energy attack fires twice as fast and can effect 4 bloons, popping each twice as well. Range increased by 10%.

Master of Teleportation $10000Edit

Main energy attack has a 10% chance of teleporting bloons back to the entrtance.

Bloon Teleport ability:Edit

Immediately sends the 100 nearest non-MOAB class bloons back to the start- and pops them once each. 72 second recharge.

Path 2Edit

Freeze Regen $400Edit

Any regen bloons it hits will stop regenerating for 5 seconds.

Bloon Slowdown $1000Edit

All nearby bloons slowed down by one fifth.

Supa Rewind $2000Edit

Puts bloons into full rewind for 4 seconds.

Full Stop $2400Edit

Has a 70% chance of leaving non-MOAB class bloons at a full stop for an additional 6 seconds afterwards.

Freeze Time $8000Edit

Full stop works 100% of the time.

Freeze time ability:Edit

All bloons on the screen travel at speed 0 for 3 seconds. Absurdly long recharge.

Path 3Edit

Luck of the Draw $350Edit

Throws large, sharpened playing cards with its other hand at speed 1, these can pop 2 bloons each.

Increased Payoff $1600Edit

You get 50% more cash for every bloon it pops!

Roundly Winnings $2100Edit

+$200 a round!

Sharper Cards $2500Edit

Cards can pop 5 bloons each, and can break through 3 layers of bloons

Jackpot $9000Edit

+$800 a round

Jackpot ability:Edit

Same as Grand Thievery ability, but only gives $85 a blimp

Ultima: Fusion Master $30000Edit

Completes mastery of all 3 paths. (Literally becomes 5/5/5.)

Rating from I HATE CASTLE :(:Edit

Originality: A-

Price: B-

Balance: B

Applicability: B

Overall: B