Welcome to the Towers for BTD six Wiki

This is my suggested btd6 tower collection (moved from for reasons involving a VERY slow computer. :(

Art Credit

Credit to me for:

-the Solar Terror alternate design

-the Dark God alternate design

Credit to AnotherClam for the shop

Credit to jaga321 for the rest of the art.

The Bloons WIkia

can be found right here

The concept upgrade scheme

3 paths of 5 upgrades. Max 1 tier 3 upgrade purchased per tower.

When it is upgraded to tier 5 on any path and tier 2 on both other paths, a very expensive but epically powerful "Ultima" upgrade may be purchased. These are unlocked at very high ranks.

When 1 price is given, it is for medium. When 3 prices are given, they are for easy, medium, and hard/insane, respectively. When 4 prices are given, the 4th is for impossible.


This wikia's index can be found here.

Bloon Hierarchy

The towers on this wikia are designed to work with the bloon hierarchy detailed in the first post of this NK Forums thread.


I'll be suggesting some maps here.

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