1. Any excessively off topic comments risk removal of content a 2-day block, 1 week for posting multiple off-topic comments inside of 24 hours.

2. Excessive language warrants removal of content and a block of up to 4 months for a first offense and up to 1 year for later offenses.

3. Intentional destruction or deletion of pages, except by the administrator or in accordance to rule #6, will warrant a block of 1 year or more.

4.Repeated deletion of a section having been restored by the administrator warrants a block of up to 18 months.

5. Any upgrade/ tower changes beyond minor balancing (up to 5%) and/ or description clarification, except by the administraror, risks a block up to 1 month. To suggest a more significant change, please send me a message.

6. Any new pages that clearly violate multiple of Kao's rules for tower and premium ideas and/ or majorly contradict the main upgrde scheme will be deleted and the page creator blocked for up to 1 year.

7. Any edits besides addition of images, except by the administrator, require a summary of atleast 2 words or you risk a 12-hour block.