Zero Monkey $3600

Appearance: A monkey wearing a black hooded coat. As long as there are targettable bloons on screen, he is surrounded by a semi-transparent field of bright white energy.

Function: His energy field, which has a radius 1.5x a dart monkey's range, can pop up to 8 bloons at a time at speed 3.

Path 1Edit

Shining Light $1200Edit

In addition to its energy field, it fires sun blasts that can pop 3 bloons each. It fires 1 from each hand at speed 1. This attack has a targetting range of 2.2.

Firey Light $2500Edit

Sun blasts have a 50% chance of igniting bloons, for 1 extra layer per second for 4 seconds.

Revealing Light $6000Edit

Can target Camo bloons

All attacks have a 10% longer range

Sun blasts can pop 4 bloons ea.

Enhanced by Light $11000Edit

Max targets for energy field increased from 8/9/9 to 14/16/17

AC: energy field becomes a little brighter

Brilliant Light $12500Edit

Sun blasts can mow down 3 layers, and instead of 2 blasts it fires 2 3-blast spreads.

All atacks have 5% longer range.

Path 2Edit

Power of Twilight $1600Edit

Energy field pops bloons at speed 4 and can pop 9 bloons at a time, and affects radius 1.7

AC: Energy field becomes grey

Power of Naught $5000Edit

Energy field pops bloons at speed 7 and affects radius 1.9

AC: Energy field becomes silvery.

Void of Existence $6000Edit

Energy field can pop 14 bloons at a time

Void of Time $6400Edit

Nearby bloons travel 30% slower

Where Nothing Gathers $40000Edit

4 independently aiming, each equivelant to x-3-x, depending on upgrades, plus slow effect.

Path 3Edit

Glimpse of Darkness $1800Edit

Orbs of Darkness now materialize in midair around it (anywhere w/in range 2.2) at speed 0.3, each seeking out a single bloon and destroying 7 layers.

Dark Power $5000Edit

Energy field can now break 2 layers at once

AC: Energy field becomes slightly darker in color

Dark Flame $5000Edit

Dark orbs now explode on impact, popping up to 4 bloons ea. and breaking 8 layers

Extreme Darkness $7000Edit

Dark blasts can shred 8 layers.

Ultimate Darkness $30000Edit

Dark blasts can shred 16 layers and form at speed 0.4, plus 2 form at once.

ULTIMA: Grand Master of the Void $250000Edit

A giant silver energy field of radius 5 that shreds through 3 layers at once at speed 10. It can hit up to 200 bloons.